fire for alfredo

this night we set fire to pigs‘ cars in front of a police station in berlin.

we dedicate our action to alfredo, anna, juan and ivan. they are all on hunger strike against the brutal repression by the italian state.
in the night before alfredo’s court hearing to review the 41-bis measures against him, we send a message of solidarity. we, your friends and accomplices around the world, walk next to you on the path of refusal and attack.

with the sentence, the italian state wants to silence alfredo and prevent him from spreading the anarchist idea of total liberation, subversion and autonomy. but they forget that there are many of us and we are everywhere .

41-bis is used as an instrument of control against our comrades. the number of criminal acts punishable by imprisonment is increasing, as is the severity of the punishments. but you will not silence us, you will not suffocate our rebellion.

our targets are all the repressive instruments of the nation states, like police, prisons, solitary confinement, §129a, 41-bis. there is no difference between italy and germany, there is no difference between all these so called „democracies“. our enemy is the cruel system we live in and all those who want to maintain it.

these flames are also an expression of the flame of rage that burns under our skin after the racist murders committed by the pigs in the last months. those who were involved in the murder of mouhamed lamine dramé and defend the murderers: feel our hatred and wait for us, ready to strike in revenge, breathing down your necks.

with this action we also show our solidarity with our comrades and the community of the squatted prosfygika in athens, and we make it clear that we will not accept any attack on our structures without resistance.


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