No 41bis: isolation is torture

Discussion regarding the repressive escalation’s evolution against anarchists in Italy.
A tightening that has become explicit in recent months with the heavy sentence of 28 years for Juan Sorroche, accused for the attack on the headquarters of the Lega in Villorba (Treviso, 2018); with the reclassification of the accusation against comrades Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino for the explosive attack against the police station in Fossano (Cuneo, 2006), which now passes from „common massacre“(!) to „political massacre“(!!) for which life imprisonment is provided; with endless repressive operations, special surveillance and other police measures, as well as confiscation of anarchist books and newspapers and closure of counter-information websites.
A repressive escalation that has seen (for now) its peak with the transfer of the anarchist Alfredo Cospito to 41 bis, an almost total isolation regime, created with the declared aim of annihilating the prisoner in order to induce him to collaborate. An unprecedented decision in relation to anarchist prisoners, which marks a turning point in the war between the State and anarchism, but which has already been used for years against certain prisoners of the BR-PCC.
The discussion will take place on 8th October at 4pm at New York in Bethanien and we will talk about this growing wind of repression by the Italian state against anarchists, going beyond the striking cases of comrades Juan, Anna and Alfredo, considering the general climate of repression against the movement and focusing in particular on the infamous 41bis regime.

See you there.