Gemeinsame Vorbereitung der nächsten Vollversamlung (5.9.)

Ergänzung/ in addition:

Bei dem gemeinsamen Vorbereitungstreffen haben wir uns dazu entschieden uns auf der VV damit auseinanderzusetzen, wie wir unsere verscheidene Kämpfe zusammenführen können. Das wollen wir auch anhand von zwei aufkommenden Demos machen und weitere auf kommende Fragen bearbeiten. Um das genauer Vorzubereiten wollen wir uns am Do. dem 26.09. erneut um 18:00 Uhr im Bethanien treffen.
Wir freuen uns wenn noch weitere Menschen dazustossen würden.

At the collectiv preperation we decided to discuss how we can merge to getter our struggles and fight more collectively.
The idea is to start developing concepts for and based on two upcoming demonstrations and further upcoming questions. For the more detailed preparation we will meet again at Thursday the 26.06 at 18:00 Uhr in Bethanien. We would be happy if new people join


english below

Wie in der Vollversammlung vom 6. Juni gewünscht wird es regelmäßige Versammlungen geben um unsere Überlegungen, Gedanken und emanzipatorische Bemühungen in der Stadt zusammenzubringen. Als weiterer Schritt zu einer autonomen VV Struktur rufen die Menschen der Versammlung vom 25. Juli zu einem gemeinsamen Vorbereitungstreffen auf. Wir schlagen den 19. August 18°° im Bethanien vor.

Am 25. Juli waren mehrere dutzend Menschen dem  „Aufruf zu einer regelmäßigen Vollversammlung für eine solidarische gemeinsame Organisation und gelebte Verbindung unserer emanzipatorischen Aktivitäten und Teilbereichskämpfen“ gefolgt. Dieser erschien als Fortsetzung des Aufrufs zu einer Vollversammlung am 6.Juni – Kämpfe intensivieren

An dem Treffen hatten Menschen aus diversen Spektra teilgenommen, es spiegelte jedoch bei weitem nicht alle autonomen emanzipatorischen Aktivitäten in der Stadt wieder. Wir hoffen unsere Fragen haben mehr Menschen erreicht und freuen uns auf eine zukünftige breitere Beteiligung

Unten findet ihr ein englischsprachiges Protokoll der letzten VV

Collective preparation of a next general assembly (5.9.)

In the General Assembly of 6th of june it had been decided from the people participating to have a regular general assembly to bring together our thoughts and efforts in the city.
To do another step in making this an autonomous structure the people that took part in the assembly on the 25th of july call for a meeting to structure and prepare the coming general assembly in september. We propose to meet on Wednesday the 19 of August 6pm in Bethanien.

On July 25th people gathered following the „Call for a regular open assembly for a solidaric common organization and lived intersectional connection of our emancipatory activities.“ that had been published as a followup to the „general assembly for intensifying our struggles“

The last general assembly saw participation from distinct spectra that can by far not represent the autonomous emancipatory activities in this city. We hope more people read our questions and are looking forward to a broader participation

Protocol of the general assembly 25.7.

  • upcoming dates
  • discussion along proposed questions
  • presentation of Resist Berlin
  • next VV
  • Potse situation & discussion

Despite unclear wheather conditions several dozen people came to Mehringhof for the assembly. The discussion took place in english with german translation. On top of the topics proposed the youth center Potse, that is still threatened by eviction, asked to discuss their situation and get feedback on how to proceed. The VV decided to start with this topic


The old deadline for leaving Potsdammerstrasse was May 19 after negotiations the collective had agreed to pay a deposit of 10.000€ to expand this time by two more months. This time is now also up and a further 5000€ have been paid to get time until the 19th of August. There are still negotiations about the new potential place on the area of Tempelhofer Airport, the so called Zollgarage. The district says they would still pay the rent if the negotiations are to be concluded. This space would be 480m² but this place has many drawbacks. Officially it can only be used as an exhibition space not for concerts but noise tests are being done to evaluate the necessary constructions to enable a legal change to a concert space. This is not taking into account that the managing company doesn’t want social projects in the space. Even in the best case, since Tempelhof project has development plan a maximum of 3-5years could be hoped for POTSEs temporary residence. The district of Schöneberg is still talking about building some house for the youth, this seems to be a really furtive slow pet project though.
Members of the Potse collective state that the last years of fighting for the space have burned them out. So the question is how to continue in the current situation.

Should Potse leave Potsdammerstasse peacefully and try to go to Zollgarage or hold the occupation of their space because Zollgarage doesn’t fit?

The collective feels like this is the first room where its would be possible to find a new home for the project. It being a police area doesn’t make it feel like such a nice place, but the collective says Potse is under surveillance in their current place already anyway. The collective feels more like going to Zollgarage to be able to keep working, since an eviction would mean loss of further possibilities for having a space legally on top of loosing the 15.000€
But without a preexisting contract it is unclear if a move before the 19th would even be possible and there is no trust in the senate holding their word.
The renovation time would mean moving out again without clarity of moving back in again. So this would possibly maneuver Potse into the same situation as Drugstore has been for 3 years.
The collective will only leave Potsdammerstrasse if they can move straight to Zollgarage, to make this even remotely possible there is the option of paying another 5000€ to prolong the window of opportunity until the 19th of september.
The collectives idea is to come up with this money in the scene , there is a new donation account with Netzwerk Selbsthilfe

It was asked if there is any assurance or even just any shows of good will by the senate towards the collective?
There is only the word of the senator on TV.

What is with the 15-20000€, will the collective only get them back if Potse leaves peacefully?

What can we conclude from this and the previous decision to put in all this money?
What can this circle discuss without the participation of more youth groups?

Some followup questions were raised on the assumption that the collective only leaves Potsdamerstrasse if they have a new room.

How relevant are concerts for your youth work?
Why no just do concerts anyway , why stick to your word if they also don’t stick to it.

The discussion comes back to one of strategy .
As it is it seems like people are tired of evictions even if it will stay a continuous fight. Considering the collective is also tired it might be a good idea to focus on the idea of taking the room so as to be able to use the time won to mobilize more youth and get new energy through this.
People are of the opinion that the collective has to figure out for themselves whether the new space would work out for their activities and whether it would be used. It is repeated to not forget the actual work of the collective beyond the fight for its existence.

Scared of going out and not getting the new space or to be stuck in a really compromised space . More and more pressure is building up on not taking radical stances, eg. „do not hang banners and make statements and then you can stay“
The reality is one of betrayal be politicians- We have to discuss together and consider the possibility of losing everything but not making compromises

Scary to give in against everything we fight against.
Giving in just a bit can be a huge threat later.
Consider your capacities , don’t use them up
If there is some guarantee it makes sense to use the chance to gather strength, capacities and people
The collective doesn’t have to take everything that comes with taking the space and can keep fighting.

It seems to be a decision between bad& worst
Consider your and your peoples needs. Where is the perspective on the eviction? What would we win?
It’s all about the youth ! What can we do, what is the best for „the youth“ ?

Don’t ignore the normative power of facts. If you get the place you can shape it and make it what you need. Potse will never be the same anyway
Perspective: A place for young people and their pleasure.

There is a positive reflection on opening the discussion instead of keeping it a collectives decision and just asking people to support.

What will we loose?
We are opening more and more sides for discussion and negotiations. That’s a danger .
In which terms do we want to ecist next to police? Where no people want it? No more place in Schöneberg?
We should not look to only exist but on our own temrs.
What sense is there in just preserving? An eviction can disturb the political balance. There would be high consequences for the city and its government, they will loose the liberal image of the political parties .
Of course it is important to exist but the priority should be to exist in the way we want to.
It seems like the collective is not very convinced and there seem to be many problems. The fight will give a perspective
Maybe to give more ideas for solutions something like an open solidarity assembly would make sense.

People doubt it makes sense to take the offer.

The fight is already going on for 5 years and started when not giving the keys back, slowly pressure was built that led to having the offer that exists now. That’s already a success. But if the offer is no good, there is still a need for a place to work from.
Some people think that fighting for having nothing in the end but just one moment gives no perspective and is not good.

A central point is to build an actual youth perspective
How to continue, what does the city, what does the city, what does „the youth“ need? The situation brings a big potential for discussion among youth groups.

As a summary, the collective has a split perspective  on fighting and having a space. People of the collective appreciated to hear more perspectives.
If Zollgarage would be renovated the collective thinks it could be a really nice space and possibly be useable like they want. Some people think it’s good to move to a district with no structures.
Nevertheless the neighbours , a shitty club and the LKA will be a problem, and there are already complaints.
It would be good to have more time to build new pressure. There seems to be not much space for attention , but pressure is important. People think we are closer to radical change, but that needs more transparency of the situation.

Don’t focus on the potential of the new space , but how to get there
I’s important in which way will it be possible to get the new space and under which terms do we get there. The legacy left to the movement is more important than one more space. We need a strong movement, then we can take the spaces we want to have.

It’s possible to build a connection to the group fighting for open public use of Tempelhofer Feld and Airport. It would be just on step to go in. Potse needs a success . They need a space to regroup and rebuild, If they are not happy with the place they can still fight for proper rooms.

It is proposed to continue with the genetal questions that were set for the assembly since Potse fits in as one example for some of the questions.

Resist Berlin

People of the group Resist Berlin came to the assembly to present themselves, their work and how to reach them . http://resistxtfbjfftgy3hnsbtr4zxqstloyfu6gt2tt2poyi26prnvenzyd.onion/

Upcoming Dates
-fighting for future
-Wer hat der gibt

– Zapatist Visit


Discussion on bringing our struggles together and intensifying them, with proposed questions

After a short break the people split up in groups around the different questions proposed in the call. Unfortunately this didn’t bode so well, some groups had some lively discussions but coming back to the big round didn’t work. Due to this problem there are only some short notes some people made for themselves during the small group discussions.


„Can we find new strategies against further deformation of the city by state and capital? Gentrification and the control over the city are not only a scene topic – If we bring our struggles together how can a future intersectional fight for the city and our lives in it look like?“

-different kind of actions and how to incude people
-co -existing of groups -different styles of co-existing
find common grounds
extending the channels of comunication
create moments where we can bring everything together

political identity is crucial , there are positivie developments
stop dividing theroy & practice
come together by fighting together
learn form eachother

Question on continuity , see above


The idea of parallel flinta vv is brought up

How can we build strong political relationships based on our ideas and positions instead of the latest emergency ? Can we use the exisiting dynamics to bring us together beyond our bubbles and closer to a movement ?

learn from history to shape a common political indentity -> antifascism?

danger of fixation on this identity

we need spaces that we live collectively

spaces are under constant threat

there are houseprojects but they are constantly setting themselves apart

there is very little exchange

in the USA different movements  meet and work together

we should offer something to the people

we need lived solidarity – also mutual aid in the neighbourhoods

what do the peolpe around me need?

also important to keep people in the boat

people are afriad to speak indoors

is subculture the problem or do we need it to stay in the game

every revolutionary movement lives from the culture that acompanies it

there is a general mistrust towards everyone without a clear reason

we should create spaces where we learn from eachother, so we don’t always have ti start from scratch. houseprojects would be the predestined space for this , keeping memory of experience alive and having active exchange about it

keep time and energy in mind

we have to reflect on how we deal with possibility is exclusivity and building safer spaces but this brings new problems

it’s a small path between feeling part of a scene because one needs it and becoming excluding

don’t only try to integrate stuff in to the own bubble but have an eye on what solidary structures are already existing

we need regular exchange like in these GA but also speak in between about topics beyond the next demo or next eviction

there is a feeling of tiredness, bitterness and helplesness after lost fights, we need to find ways to make it normal to talk about this with people you have an affinity tom take care of oneself and be understanding when people have to take timeouts to work towards a more sustainable activism

this could enable more longterm continuity


no political groups

no open assemblies

not clear what is the political identity of the people next to you

dont have clear radical perspective

we fight for our structures ie. houseprojects – don’t have the same reaction for working struggles / antisexist / anticolonial issues

missing returns to connect people , like interkiezionale

there are social moments but not political ones (i.e. küfa)

open intersectional assemblies with specific political ID

do out of the defensive fight

the german state works pretty well , offering and trying to integrate everything – but you have to look beyond your personal perspective and life – need a conscious political identity

trust to the people

no clear discussions

common perspective

The next general assembly is proposed for the 5.9.

Some people were looking for a discussion on what the general assembly means to people and how to continue with it, for now the consensus is to continue and keep inviting people and structures involved in all autonomous emancipatory struggles.

People following this call will prepare the next assembly and publish a call with the location and and their proposal for the assembly. Some analysis and discussion on the structure and methods used to structure the discussion will need to take place aswell. Everyone is asked to approach their friends and allies to invite them to join this assembly since the contacts we want to intensify do exist.

If you cannot participate on this day but have some ideas, input or critique you can write to


passiert am 25.7.