Nakba-Day Bannerdrop at Farmers-Market in Berlin-Friedrichshain

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Today 18.5., while worldwide and also in Berlin people are remembering the catastrophic NAKBA of Palestinians 1948, a banner drop at the Boxhagener Platz in Berlin-Friedrichshain emerged in the public, against colonialism and genocide.

The banner drop is part of the direct actions, anarchists and autonomous called for in their call for the NAKBA-Demo:

For to be present as anarchists, a big anarchist Logo is added at the Banner, which positively states „Palestine will be free!“.

For many visitors this banner is also an attraction, and they are making photos of it. This is the public and publicity we want. The peoples in there daily live, in the streets.

Nice coincidence , that the market stand is selling espresso with the slogan „Espresso sin fronteras“ (Espresso without frontiers), because we are also against all imperialist colonialist frontiers in the world.

Greetings to all, join the demos, join the street actions! (A)

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