As I.A-A.F. we believe that a study of the basic processes that drive the capitalist system is a
fundamental step towards opening up a consensual platform for class struggle against the oppression of the upper class, the practice of self-organisation and new forms of protest pass even through a standard level of knowledge about those matters. This understanding of the economic machine leads us, as individuals and as antagonistic groups, too reflect and open debates that focus on something that is not abstract and that affects our daily lives. We will not starve for lack of food or water, and we will not freeze in winter, the system is intelligent and will keep us alive and dependent from them, in the so called “ democratic rich west “, alive and sick is the deal for the consent, but our life will be a life of debt, debt to the in bank, debt to the lawyer, debt to the house, debt for the special cares, we will own nothing but debts.

Inflation in Europe is, according to current analyses, at an average value of 5/6%, reaching peaks of 8% in countries such as Germany and Italy. These data in themselves are perhaps for many abstracts things that have little to do with everyday life, but instead become concrete for many of us when at the end of the month we find ourselves with less money in our wallets, we put off pizza with friends at restaurants, and we agree to spend a well-deserved holiday in the city. Well, of course there are always those who are worse off, but the point is that there are a few who are doing very well, and who are earning mountains of money on the backs of working people! Well, yes,after all, this is the same old story, but the point is that in recent times, first with Covid and now with the Russia-NATO-Ukraine conflict, the issue has been emphasized, showing all its most critical contours and sides, and it is in fact here that we as a group and as individuals are trying to carry out a critical analysis from below, which allows us first to unhinge and then to understand the dynamics that drive capitalism in its new forms. We speak of new forms because the financialization of capitalism in the West differs from the old capitalism, the real capitalism that has accompanied us for the last 150 years with the usual work/production equation. For several decades now, capital and its subjects have been virtualized, becoming almost intangible, and the digitalization of money has allowed the Fed to inject an unimaginable $9 trillion into the system with the 2008 quantitative easing! The injection, or rather the injections in recent years have served to keep alive a moribund walking capitalism, which obviously does not mean that capitalism will end tomorrow, But it does mean that the decline has begun and that it will drag down first the weakest and poorest and then slowly the middle and upper-middle classes, sucking away more and more resources and privileges. It will be a long stay and it is still unclear what kind of world scenario awaits us in the near future, considering the rise of the BRICS and the new multipolar order. But to get back to money and inflation, where does all this money that is printed like toilet paper end up?
Well, little or nothing ends up in the pockets of the lower classes or working people who are blamed as the main culprits of inflation, it is paradoxical in fact how the “ know-it- alls “ who are at the top claim that it is the fault of too high wages and excess demand that inflation is rising! Pseudoscience that is belied by the fact that the vast majority of the money goes to inflate … guess what? The financial assets, that is to say real estate, bonds and repos, using a trick that allows banks and the Fed to inflate their capital out of all proportion. The most recent studies done by IMF clearly show that today inflation is caused 46% by the profits of the big Corporations that in the emergency phases between Covid and War quadrupled their profits taking advantage of the situation, another 40% by the sanctions on Russia and the crisis Derived from the conflict between speculation on the price of gas and supply problems derived from the logistic chain and finally by the increase in workers‘ wages. This would then be the reason why our dear rulers by raising interest rates find this the only purge against inflation which despite efforts (ours ! ) remains at very high levels, but there is a reason for all this, raising rates creates recession and from recession follows unemployment, these are the sides of the same coin that we now know well with the form of the EURO, here in fact Lagarde’s plans are clear ; To have a pool of unemployed and precarious workers is the condition to have control of a situation that will soon become unsustainable, and proof of this is sufficient to note how the dissent grows in the ranks of the European right-wing with the rise of AFD in Germany and Meloni in Italy, all movements openly anti-European.
This is fact to show how the thermometer is rising and how, at the same time, it is also a challenge for us to try to channel the anger and dissent into our own revolution.