Statement from F.U.F. Muay Thai in relation to outcall at Køpi

Related to the out-call on sexual violence and rape culture in Køpi („Køpi Bleibt Nicht„, 14.12.22) we, the Fucked Up Fighters, a Muay Thai training group with ties to Køpi, feel it necessary to take a stand in the discussion. We take the issues raised in the statement very seriously.

Like many of the living projects and communities, Køpi is not a perfect place with perfect people and unfortunately sometimes questionable things occur. We acknowledge that within some of Køpi’s spaces there have been instances of sexual violence, and that these incidents in some cases have gone unpunished.

In our group we have had some incidents of sexual violence by members that have taken place outside of training. We responded by banning these perpetrators and supporting the affected persons.

F.U.F. is based on the principles of inclusion and equality, welcoming everyone to learn and train the art of Muay Thai in an environment free from social prejudice. We stand firmly against any sexist, racist, homophobic and any other such discriminatory behaviours. At the same time we are aware that there is always room for improvements in those regards and are open to adapt our behaviours and thinking. We do not welcome perpetrators or people protecting perpetrators.

Keeping in mind that sometimes it is difficult to speak up, we decided to actively ask our members to reach out to certain people in the group if support is needed.