Call for solidarity with earthquake survivors in Turkey!

Dear comrades and friends,
We are organizing a solidarity night for those who are affected by two earthquakes that happened in southeast Turkey. As the magnitude of the earthquakes was tremendous, affecting millions of people, the need for solidarity in the regions is vast and continuous. Our comrades are trying to coordinate solidarity activities for establishing and sustaining such support. The most important reasons behind this shocking destruction were related to long lasting policies of AKP government to align with global neoliberal economic policies, develop authoritarian political control and promote nationalist, patriarchal, heterosexist and anti-environmentalist values. As the geography has been facing these deteriorating conditions for more than twenty years, the crises after the earthquakes right now became manifold. In this solidarity night, we will try to expose the current political situation after these earthquakes and inform you regarding the solidarity and resistance efforts against these crises. We are inviting you to join us in this night to attend this info event, where we will be offering a dinner and collecting donations to be delivered to the anarchist/feminist/queer/anti-fa groups that organize solidarity campaigns for earthquake survivors in Turkey. Any kind of solidarity are very welcomed!
Solidarity, not charity!
6th February Earthquake Mutual Aid Network – Abroad
New Yorck im Bethanien Mariannenplatz 2A Berlin, 24.03.2023 at  19.00 

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