Attack on Amazon Delivery Vehicles in Brooklyn, NY in Solidarity with ATL Forest

Attack Amazon! Attack the Police! Defend Nature! Solidarity with ATL Forest!

On Thursday, Febuary 2nd, we attacked a Rivian charging station in Brooklyn, New York. We hit four Amazon delivery vehicles, and one Rivian vehicle as part of the cost of doing business with Amazon.
We put up a message in memory of Tortuguita, our comrade who was murdered by Atlanta pigs for fighting against “Cop City,” the latest expansion of counter insurgent state violence.

The pigs intend to increase their ability to murder us and uphold the despotic state of capitalist barbarism.

We also want to highlight the significance of the environmental struggle today. The world is sprinting to unmitigated devastation, and the impending climate catastrophe will soon make human existence unbearable.

Capitalism is now killing off all life on the planet and this sick society heralds monsters like Elon Musk as our saviors.

We unabashedly reject this deplorable vision for the future, and don’t care what the personal repercussions are.

Just like Tortuguita, we will put our lives on the line and give them up if necessary to ensure life continues.

But not life for life’s sake. We recognize that only through revolution can we succeed in destroying capitalism, and without the total annihilation of capitalism, climate catastrophe is practically inevitable.

We will never give up our attacks on the system. Our only regret is that we only got one picture and couldn’t attack more. Next time will be even better!

Solidarity with ATL Forest Defenders. Solidarity with the struggles in Latin America, the Palestinian struggle and the struggles against the exploitation the world over.

Remember the martyrs. And riot and fight like hell for the living!

Death to America!