[HH] Words in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito by an anarchist prisoner from Hamburg

As many imprisoned comrades worldwide before me, I want to send words in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito from the prison Billwerder in Hamburg, Germany.
The italian state wants to bury an inconvenient anarchist alive in it’s torture-isolation-prison.-system „41bis“. Alfredo is fighting with a hunger-strike till the end against his situation and against 41bis in total. This is a continuation of a life full of struggle. Alfredos way was also present here in the north. The attack against nuclear-boss Adinolfi, the courtcase in Genua and Alfredos und Nicolas dignified stand in it and also the written contributions over the years of imprisonment found their way to us.
Worldwide but specifically strong in Italy, anarchists showed over the last months, that we stand with Alfredo. That we will not let him die quiet in the hands of the state. Alfredos dignified struggle created a moment more complex than the fight of a simple human for it’s life.
Together with Alfredo we scream against a numb society that a free life can not exist under this condition!
That we will never accept a world of prisons, neither 41 bis, nor reformist institutions. That we will always fight states, borders and all domination and authority. And in this, often tragic way, for us as anarchists lies a beauty with all the fear, joy, anger, love…we will meet and feel.
A beatuy in which we will recognize each other no matter where we will end up.

Shoulder to shoulder with Alfredo!
A revolutionary embrace from the heart to the comrades in the prison cells, on the run, on the streets and in the nights.