Decision of the Amfissa Judicial Council rejecting the request for the release of hunger striker G.Michailidis


Today 20/6 the Judicial Council of Amfissa rejected the request for release of fellow hunger striker Giannis Michailidis. The Judicial Council of Amfissa and the judges Konstantinos Mandavinos, Ioannis Gatzias and Smaragda Moraiti signed with their dirty hands the attempt to exterminate our comrade. Next to their name the word executioner will carry with it the stigma that must accompany them for the rest of their miserable lives.

The Amfissa Judicial Council has carried out part of a wider repressive plan to deal with our comrade’s hunger strike. Systematic silencing by the mainstream media, bureaucratic delay of the response in order to damage and exhaust the striker, rejection of the application at a time when he is in a critical condition in the Lamia Hospital.

As we speak, after a month of hunger strike, Giannis has reached 57.5 kg, has lost more than 21% of his body weight and his life is in danger. He is locked up in a squalid cell in the Lamia hospital, without even a TV to keep him informed, which he is deprived of with the ridiculous argument of the cops that ‚there is a fear of suicide from the TV cables‘. Visits with his companion are refused and she is not given any official information about his medical condition.

We denounce the vindictive treatment of the hunger striker and call on the mass bodies and the doctors‘ trade unions to take a public stand against these outrages. Hunger strikers are not suicidal, they are putting their lives on the line and fighting for life itself to triumph.

Dead hunger strikers do not commit suicide, they are murdered by capitalist states, imperialism, fascism. This is how it is done in Turkey, this is how it has been done in Germany, Northern Ireland and elsewhere. We warn for the last time those responsible. The executives and deputies of the New Democracy, the appellants of Lamia who will examine the appeal of the hunger striker, those willing servants of the state apparatus who give any kind of cover to the plan of extermination of our comrade. Those of you who put your hand on the extermination of our comrade, those who become part of the repressive tactics against him, those who do not separate your position while it is still early. We will see to it that nothing goes unanswered.

We call upon the solidarity movement and every progressive person who recognizes in Giannis a selfless fighter who fights with his life against state arbitrariness and revengefulness to join his voice and to join the solidarity demonstration on Friday 24/6 at 18.00 at the Propylaea. To do everything in his power to set up the roadblock that will prevent the extermination of our comrade.

Assembly of solidarity with the anarchist Giannis Michailidis today 20/6 at 18:00 at the ASOEE.



Assembly of solidarity with the anarchist hunger striker Giannis Michailidis