Anarchist Dinner 18.12, Input & Discussion: Update on GEAS laws & anarchist participation in migrant struggles

This month, in the Anarchist Dinner event, there will be an input from comrades from the No Border Assembly for the current status of the asylum and border laws (new GEAS) in Germany. What are these new laws? What effect do they have on people trying to get asylum or trying to come and live in Germany?

We would like to invite people to get informed, eat tasty Mediterranean Meze food together and as always create a round of discussion. The discussion would also aim to focus on the anarchist participation for the mobilisations against the (new) migrant and asylum laws and more broadly in freedom of movement struggles.

Pointing out contradictions, evaluating our participation and brainstorming ideas for the near future.
The money will go to a comrade who is seeking asylum at the moment.

Time&Location: 19:30 in NewYorck Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2a, Kreuzberg


passiert am 18.12.2023