Against the Western media propaganda of the recent weeks: Solidarity with the Palestinian people!

Neither with Israel – Neither with Hamas!
For a world with no Borders, no Nations, no Wars!

The starting point is a simple fact: namely, Israel is a State that has been perpetuating colonialism and apartheid for more than 75 years.

Historical oppression,unjustified bombing,complete state of siege, violation of international humanitarian law towards the Palestinian people are just a small list of what is now a obviuos plan: the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

This is a story told over the skin and the blood of thousands of victims, innocent civilians, two million people, forced to live in a state of daily segregation and mourning in the territory of the Gaza Strip.

Alongside with an hypocritical media propaganda, Israel, once again used accusations of Antisemitism to launch yet another attack on Palestinian civilians: collective punishment is a war crime.

To the ones that see soildarity with Palestina as an Antisemitic statement, we reply that as Antifascists, we do not ever choose factions that support racism and discrimination, nor do we need to categorize the latter.

Anti-fascism joins anti-racism as united and indivisible struggles.

This is why we consider it essential to make it clear that behind the motto:
‚Gegen Rassismus – Gegen Antisemitismus‘
there is often in Germany, unlimited support for the State of Israel, which masks broad forms of discrimination against the Palestinian population, and that try to obstruct and nullify any kind of political and social debate that seeks to shed light on the horrors of this dirty war.

To be against the horrors perpetuated by the State of Israel is not anti-Semitism, it is anti-Zionism and anti-Colonialism.

To be against the horrors perpetuated by Hamas is to be against a nationalist and Islamist body, historically created and supported by the United States to destabilise the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation) and the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine).

We do not feel the need to give more preference and emphasis to the racism suffered by one population rather than another, as we believe that racism is a mountain of shit that unifies in the same fight all people who have suffered it in history and who suffering it in the present.

For this very reason, our Antiracism is carried with a broader and internationalist perspective: standing by the side of all populations who are victims of it, oppressed in condition of aparthaid and who resist colonialism and capitalisitic wars with dignity and courage.

After the Hamas attack and the mass murder of 1,300 Israeli civilians, Netanyahu has declared „the final solution“ to wipe out Gaza.
6000 bombs were dropped on Palestian’s houses in the six days following Hamas’s attack, including phosphorus bombs. Israel has since cut off water, power, medicine and fuel supplies, trapping 2.3 million people.

Israel’s goals of wiping out Palestine were also showed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the UN General Assembly through the presentation of the ’new Middle East‘ map.

Our solidarity goes out to all the victims of this war:

– With the Palestinian people who struggle and resist and suffer daily violence and apartheid.
– With all those persecuted in Israeli territory by the Zionist regime, cause supporters of the Palestinian resistance and saboteurs of Netanyahu’s war and policies.
– With all the civilians victims ( in both countries ) by Netanyahu’s and Hamas game power

And while we see Israel flags appearing brightly on the Brandenburg Tor, the Palestinian community and the people in solidarity with them are banned from demonstrating anywhere in Berlin with massive police deployment and arrests.

A repression that is being tried to break through perseverance and determination to the scream of FREE GAZA – FREE PALESTINE!

Solidarity with all those arrested these days!