Smash Colonialism – Free Palestine

The creation of so called the State of Israel by the Zionist movement was a colonial process that entailed the forced expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homeland. Now a days this Zionist colonial ideology is implemented through territorial displacement, being refugees in their own territory for more than 75 years, access to drinking water only a few hours a week, prohibition of the practice of their own culture, criminalization of food sovereignty and prohibition of Palestinian women from planting foods fundamental to their culture such as za’atar -thyme in Arabic-, lack of access to health services… All this in a context of militarized colonial occupation, which means constant exposure to military violence, countless military checkpoints with snipers to move from village to village, restricted mobility within the Palestinian territory, daily assassinations in the hands o Israeli army, mass imprisonment with psychological and physical torture of adults and children alike. Also in the last months the violent attacks from israeli settlers are increasing and progroms are happening in different parts of the West Bank, as it happened in Huwara where one Palestinian was killed and homes, businesses and vehicles where destroyed.

But far from signifying a situation of total subordination, the Palestinian people have remained in constant resistance and construction of self-determination which has been marked by particular collective uprsing- Intifadas. In the case of Palestine the first Intifada happen in Gaza Stripe, in 1987 as a response to the murder of 4 people,  3 of them from the Jabilia refugee camp by the Israeli Defence Forces. This latest until 1993. The second intifada , also known as Al-Aqsa intifada, started in 2000 as a the response to a collective indignation of the Palestinians, as they were once again ignored in the so-called peace process, which meant once again the consolidation of the state of Israel as a colonial and apartheid state. At the same time, the agreements signed in 2000 will come to show the international support, especially from European states and the USA, for the military atrocities practiced by the Israely Defence Forces in Palestine, as well as a break of the social movement with the idea of an independent Palestinian Authority-PA. The second intifada was a space of collective autonomous struggle, which did not represent the interests of any government but the desire for self-determination of the Palestinians.

Intifadas are a response to the daily violence experienced by the Palestinian people in the territories occupied by the Zionist military forces and the self-proclaimed state of Israel. Since last year more armed militant groups, like the Lions Den, Jenin Brigade and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, are forming and gaining strength throughout Palestine. These groups are getting build mostly in the refugee camps throughout bigger cities in the West Bank, like Nablus and Jenin. Also the number of attacks to Israeli military checkpoints and zionist settlements is rising.
At the same time the Israeli Defense Forces are raiding almost on a daily base palestinian cities and refugee camps, trying to abduct people from armed groups. During these raids the IDF leaves behind many martyrs, like in Jenin on the 26th January 2023, where 9 people were shot and many injured. Militant groups and actions are gaining a big support throughout the palestinian people. The Intifada is not stopping, but in contrary growing.

In support of the Palestinian struggle we stand against the visit of Benjamin Netanyahu in Berlin. Netanyahu as a Prime Minister of so called Israel is a war criminal that leads the fascist-colonial regime. And for this reason also we want to show our solidarity to all anticolonial struggles by pointing Humbold Forum as a colonial institution that erases the memory of indigenous people and rewrite a false image of the history by the colonial western powers. But we are here to remember that colonialism is not history, is still going on in many places in the world. We stand for a Free Palestine.

Smash Colonialism!
From the river to the see, Palestine will be free!