ISOLATION IS TORTURE – NO41BIS Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito in Hunger Strike since 20.10.2022
DEMO 23.02.2023 at 17 Potsdamer Platz
41 bis is a special detention regime in Italy, also called “hard prison”. This measure was introduced 30 years ago as a temporary, emergency measure, but has gradually become normalized and tightened over the years.
At 41 bis there are today 747 prisoners in 22 sections throughout Italy. The 41 bis regime lasts for 4 years, and can be continuously extended for a further two years indefinitely.
TORTURE: Physical or moral coercion for the purpose of extracting confessions or statements.
The coercive dimension of the 41 bis regime is obvious: the only possibility of getting out of it is to indicate third parties as perpetrators of the crimes of which one has been convicted.
Today, more than ever before, 41 bis is used as a warning to comrades, in and out of prison. It is an instrument of control that is becoming ever stronger and shows what our society is: a society where it is normalized to defend the privileges of the few to the disadvantage of the many, especially by using prisons, borders, economic crises and the destruction of entire geographic areas.


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