France: Ivan ended his hunger strike

On January 23, I ended the hunger strike I started on December 22, in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito’s struggle against the regime of isolation and psychological torture 41 bis.
I wish him a lot of strength in this difficult moment and I thank all those who have supported me during these 32 days (and, more in general, who have supported me for seven and a half months).

Today, January 25th, I went before the JLD, who decided to renew my preventive detention, for another four months.

Besides, here are some small episodes of prison-judicial repression.
On Monday, January 9th, for the second time (the first one was on December 6th, as if by chance, shortly after I had been heard by the investigating judge and also shortly after the end of my previous hunger strike), the henchmen searched the cell I share with a fellow prisoner (definitively condemned).
In both cases, they found two cell phones, with their chargers.
We’re going to the disciplinary commission tomorrow, January 26. It went surprisingly fast: usually there is a delay of two or three months, between a search which makes them discover forbidden objects and the corresponding disciplinary commission. Is this another aspect of my “special treatment” (like the mail blocked for months, the impossibility of access to certain activities, to work or to trainings…) or simple, petty reprisals for the two hunger strikes?

Moreover, there is something that makes me think that the search of January 9 could have been made on request of the Investigating Judge (who was necessarily informed of the phones found on December 6). Indeed, the next day, the head of ELAC (the “big guys” of the AP) who led the search, asked me (alone) to sign a document “for the exploitation of my phone”, something we had never seen, here (and that they did not ask me in December). Obviously, I refused to sign.

Otherwise, I’m fine and remain determined.
Courage Alfredo!
Long live Anarchy!

Villepinte prison
January 25, 2023

To write to him :
Ivan Alocco
n. 46355
M.A. of Villepinte
40, avenue Vauban
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