Needle n` Bitch, anarcha-feminist info-event and screening from Yogyakarta@ kalabalik!

“Needle n` Bitch is an anarchist feminist collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which has been running since 2009. We provide free education and resources dedicated to community and people who
can´t access it. We use skill sharing as a medium to learn together in practices such as sewing, making crafts, screenprinting and anything relating to DIY culture.

We hold talks, discusssions, workshops, campaigns and opportunities for education on women´s and queer issues, gender equality, reproductive health, sexuality, politics (particularly concerning environmental issues, land and agrarian struggles.) We also work with local rural women and farmers, community organizers and solidarity groups on these topics.

Things we also provide are self-defense classes, a gender based violence helpline and and unplanned pregnancy helpine, amongst others. We need support to continue our Unplanned Pregnancy Helpline, dedicated to assisting and providing counselling and safe abortion access
for women in need seeing as abortion is still criminalized in Indonesia (although there are many women who carry out unsafe abortions that risk death or prison).

We try to provide continued availability of the medication needed for this and for this reason ask for your solidarity and support. We lost so much financial support during the corona epidemic especially from our craft selling. Since our collective financial support came from our craft selling, the situation is now affecting our works in many ways. We can not carry out our activities, even to fulfill our basic needs. In this opportunity, we’d like to have your support so we can continue our collective and continue the projects again.

The film we will screen was shot by our collective and is called “Miss or Misses.“ It is a documentary which shares a story of discrimination and sexism towards women who want access to the necessities to self-manage their reproductive health.‘

This is a soli event with kufa. Please donate to the cause if you can afford to
19:00 07.09.22 kalabalik Anarchistische Bibliothek. Reichenbergerstr.63a, 10999.
If anyone has specific accessibility needs then please don`t hesitate to contact the venue: