Don’t look away! Solidarity with Dilan and all other victims of racist violence!


Anti-racist demonstration:
20.02.2022 | Berlin
14.00 o’clock
S-Greifswalder Str.

On February 5, 17-year-old Dilan was beaten up by racists in Berlin at the Greifswalder Straße train station.
After Dilan was harassed and racially insulted by a group of adults on the M4 Tram line, and she told the group to wear masks when they were talking to her, she was attacked by the group on the platform at the S-Bhf. Greifswalder Straße station. A total of four to six men and women kicked and hit Dilan and continued to aggressively insult her with racist insults. Bystanders looked on impassively while Dilan called for help.
„They kicked me and hit me, […] they kicked me in my stomach and hit my head, and they especially kicked my legs so I would fall down and they could kick my head too.“
„The whole station was full! On both sides, the whole station was full. […] I was screaming and I was begging for help and asking myself why isn’t anyone helping me?“
//// Police and press distort the facts
Dilan’s injuries after the attack were so severe, that she had to be treated in the hospital. But that was not enough. While Dilan was in the hospital, the police spread the report that she had been attacked because she was not wearing a mask. Almost all major newspapers copy the police report without question and thus provide a template for the Querdenken-milieu. They instrumentalize the false report about the crime for their propaganda on their Monday walks.
That not even the fact that over 40- and 50-year-olds beat up a minor leads editorial offices to do their own research shows two things: first, the police are no longer questioned as a source, and second, many media are willing to publish any report on the Corona issue as long as their print and click numbers are increased.
It is thanks to Dilan herself that the actual events of the attack became public at all. In a self-published video, Dilan describes what happened and shows footage of the attack from her cell phone camera.
//// Downplaying the crime
On Facebook and Instagram, a woman from the group of the attackers spreads the version of the perpetrators. She trivializes the severity of the attack, withdraws herself and her people from responsibility, and questions the severity of Dilan’s injuries. She claimed that Dilan could not have filmed with her cell phone if she had really been injured and that she had no bruises in her video.
Dilan suffered a head trauma, a concussion, an abdominal trauma and could not walk for three days. The fact that Dilan, in shock and out of necessity, may have used her last strength to film cannot be understood by such an attacker. Unsurprisingly, if the attacker is part of a group that, by attacking weaker people, often emerges as the „winners“ from such attacks.
In the statement, Dilan is accused of having gone from zero to rage and of having called the group Nazis for no reason. But Dilan did something that fascists can least tolerate: she loudly defended herself against the humiliations, insults and disrespect of these pub-racists. Although she was alone, she did not duck away. Because to subordinate others and to make them victims is what fascists want to achieve through their actions. And often enough, many victims in such situations say nothing more to avoid violence against them. Only for whom it is completely normal that people duck away out of fear of the own Nazi slogans, for those, loud contradiction is only „hysterical“ and completely incomprehensible.
Dilan’s actions broke through the superiority-thinking of these people for a moment. She has all our respect for that, because we know how difficult that can be.
//// Feel-good neighborhood for right-wing pub visitors?
The perpetrators have been known for their aggressive behavior in Prenzlauer Berg-Ost for a long time. One of the perpetrators, named Jenny, is known to have physically attacked the employee of a pub in Prenzlauer Berg on November 21, 2021, along with other people, and to have massively racially insulted the migrant guests present.
René H., also one of the main perpetrators, is described by residents as a violent everyday racist around 50, who regularly seeks conflict. He and his male entourage come from the right-wing part of the fan scene of the BFC Dynamo soccer club. His fiancée Jenny, the author of the statement, is a run-along, who regularly stands protectively in front of her boyfriend, who is almost 30 years older, when he threatens people once again.
It is exactly this kind of everyday racists who are responsible for right-wing attacks and threats that have been occurring around Greifswalder Straße for years. Anyone who knows the area will be able to confirm that this is a problem that has taken root here since the 90s and 00s.
Even after the closure of relevant fascist bars in the neighborhood, this milieu continues to go in and out of local pubs and gambling clubs. The acceptance of these people in the local bars turns these pubs into retreats for racist boozers and brawlers and thus creates a right-wing open bar scene – regardless of whether this is wanted by the bar owners or not. This certainly does not apply to all pubs, who feels addressed, should feel addressed.
//// Stand together!
Once again it shows that we cannot rely on the state institutions of the BRD and its press organs.
Several times, Dilan told the police that she was racially insulted by the perpetrators. Nevertheless, after an attack by a group of racists, she herself is blamed for being attacked, completely distorting the facts.
From the impassivity of the bystanders we can see how much they outsource the responsibility and concern for their fellow human beings and make themselves silent complicies of such attacks by their disinterest and partly also their helplessness. If we want to protect ourselves from attacks of this kind, we must probably do this ourselves. The response can only be, to join together in order ro respond strongly and collectively to attacks such as this.
Therefore, let’s go out on the street together in Prenzlauer Berg on February 20th and set all wheels in motion for an action of solidarity. So that everyone notices.
Let’s take a clear stand together against the racist attack on Dilan and show her that she is not alone! Dilan, we believe you and we stand by your side!
Do not look away at right-wing attacks!
No bar scene for Nazis and their friends!

Mail: schautnichtweg(a)
Support the mobilization and get flyers and posters:
Bookstore Schwankende Weltkugel
opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00 | Kastanienallee 85 | Prenzlauer Berg

Join us for flyer sticking and distribution:
Wed, 02/16/2022
18:00 | S-Greifswalder Str. (at McDonald’s) | Prenzlauer Berg

We will paint banners and signs for the demo:
Fri, 02/18/2022
19:00 | Bunte Kuh, Bernkasteler Sr. 76 | Weißensee
Please come tested and wearing a mask.


Irkçılığa Geçit Yok !
Dilan ve tüm ırkçı şiddet mağdurlarıyla dayanışmaya çağırıyoruz!
Gün: 02/20/2022
Saat: 14.00
Buluşma Yeri: S-Greifswalder Str.

05.02 tarihinde. 17 yaşındaki Dilan ırkçı yetişkin saldırganlardan oluşan bir grup tarafındanhakarete, dövülmeye, tekmelenmeye maruz kalırken, yoldan geçenler ve durakta bekleyenler ilgisizce bakıyordu.
Dilan polise defalarca failler tarafından ırkçı hakarete uğradığını söylemesine rağmen saldırıya ilişkin polis raporunda ırkçı saik görmezden gelindi; maske takma konusunda bir tartışma olduğu iddia edildi ve tüm anaakım gazeteler polis raporunu doğrudan Dilan’a sormaksızın ve araştırmaksızın kaynak olarak kopyalad. Dilan kendi adaletini sosyal medyada kendisi aramak zorunda kalarak gerçeği dile getirdiği ve yoldan geçenlerin tepkisizliğini de eleştirdiği bir video-bildiri yayınladı. Bu arada, saldırganlar suçla ilgili yalanlarını sosyal medyada kolayca yaymaya devam ettiler.
Biz bu failleri tanıyoruz, isimleri değişse de aynı failler saldırgan davranışlarıyla heryerde karşımıza çıkıyor. Greifswalder Straße S-Bahn istasyonunun çevresinde yıllardır sağcı saldırıların ve hakaretlerin süregelmesinin ana nedenleri arasında bu saldırganların görmezden gelinmesi de var.
Gelin, Dilan’a yapılan ırkçı saldırıya karşı birlikte net bir tavır alalım ve ona yalnız olmadığını gösterelim!
Dilan, sana inanıyoruz ve yanındayız!
Mücadeleyi destekleyin, yaygınlaştırmamıza ortak olun.
El ilanları ve posterler siz de dağıtın:
Buchladen zur Schwankenden Weltkugel, Kastanien Allee 85, 10435 Prenzlauer Berg
(Acilis saatleri 11:00-19:00)

– Duyuruyu size sunulan tüm kanallarda paylaşın.
– Desteğiniz ve dayanışmanız için teşekkür ederiz!

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نگاهتنان را برنگردانید! هم‌بستگی با دیلان و تمام کسانی که مورد خشونت نژاد‌پرستانه قرار گرفته‌اند!”
تظاهرات ضد نژادپرستی
یکشنبه بیستم فوریه ۲۰۲۲
ساعت ۲ بعدازظهر
S-Greifswalder Str.
در تاریخ پنجم فوریه دیلان ۱۷ ساله توسط بزرگسالانی پرخاشگر و نژادپرست مورد توهین، ضرب و شتم و لگد قرار گرفت درحالی که رهگذران با بی‌اعتنایی تماشا کردند.
دیلان چندین‌بار به پلیس گفت که مورد توهین نژادپرستانه‌ی عاملان قرار گرفته است. در گزارش پلیس از این حمله، انگیزه‌ی نژادپرستانه‌ی آنها کمرنگ جلوه داده شده و ادعا شده که این مشاجره بر سر پوشیدن ماسک بوده است.
از آنجایی که پلیس خلاف حقیقت را می‌گوید و تمام روزنامه‌های مهم گزارش پلیس را بدون بازنگری کپی می‌کنند، دیلان باید خود عدالت را برای خود فراهم کند و از این رو یک بیانیه‌ی ویدیویی منتشر می‌کند که در آن حقیقت را عنوان کرده و از بی‌عملی رهگذران انتقاد می‌کند. در همین حال، حمله‌کنندگان نسخه‌ی دروغین خود از واقعه را در رسانه‌های اجتماعی منتشر می‌کنند.
عاملان این جنایت به خاطر رفتار تهاجمی خود مشهور هستند و به بارهای محلی رفت‌وآمد دارند. این نوع افراد یکی از دلایل اصلی وقوع مکرر حملات و توهین‌های جناح راستی در اطراف ایستگاه گریفسوالدر استراسه در سال‌‌های گذشته هستند.
بیایید به وضوح در برابر حمله‌ی نژادپرستانه به دیلان موضع‌گیری کنیم و به او نشان دهیم که او تنها نیست!
دیلان، ما تو را باور داریم و در کنار تو ایستاده‌ایم!

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