Rigaer94: Support Call for ‘DEFEND KØPIPLATZ’ demo on 2/10

We stay ungovernable!

More than a week ago, after a long time of intense fighting for their structure’s defense and waiting for an eviction date, our friends and comrades from KøpiPlatz received an eviction title for the 15th of October at 10am. The struggle which is created around the defense of KøpiPlatz during the last year cannot left unseen and unrecognised. The political choice of the KøpiPlatz collective to not wait until Tag X to take action and thus to establish the campaign „Don’t wait until it’s too late“ became a fundamental piece of the struggle around KøpiPlatz and managed to intensify the mobilisation and the creation of collective moments also for struggles of other threatened projects in the city.

The collective choice not only to react around an announced date but instead build campaigns and put pressure, as well as defend our structures and ideas through open procedures should remain an important piece of the collective experience on the defense against the attack from the state, capital and all the oppressors in this capitalistic and patriarchical society. The following of self-determined agendas and not becoming confused by the state’s strategy to get rid of any rebellious structure and individual in the city, is important to be recognised and it should be tried to build a longterm and continuous approach on the fights around broader social struggles.

Self-organised structures are defended not for the „comfortness“ that they can provide or the walls which stand around them but because of the ideas which grow, survive and exist in them. Ideas of living together in a collective in a self-organised way are composing the need and the choice to defend those spaces and not let the state and capital and any other form of power to intervene in them. The domino of evictions that started by the state the last years in an attempt to suffocate and disorganise the antagonistic movement completely, must break. We should defend our ideas and structures and fight any attempt of the state to occupy any other rebellious and self-organised territory.

Any attempted attack coming from the ruling class has its price and will not remain unanswered, before an announced day but also during and after the Day X. The political choice of acting instead of only reacting should be now defended more than ever. By taking collective responsibility to defend frontally our struggles and territories so we can stand together, self-organise, create collective experiences and moments in order to keep alive the perspective of the total self-determination of our lives.

We stand in solidarity with KøpiPlatz which stands as an obstacle in front of the state and capital plans by blocking the process of gentrification and the transformation of our neighborhoods according to their profit. An area which is only surrounded by massive buildings of offices, shops and alternative „co-living“ houses alongside the Spree. KøpiPlatz collective and its supporters who find themselves in the ideas of this structure, still resist against the transformation of this gentrified area and remains an important rebellious piece of the city.

Join the ‘DEFEND KØPIPLATZ’ on 2.10 | More dates&infos announced here: kontrapolis.info/4974/
Start: Køpiplatz, 8pm | Finish: Forckenbeckplatz, Friedrichshain

Solidarity greetings&strength to KøpiPlatz from Rigaer94!