Patriarchical Violence doesn’t recognize Borders! Neither our Solidarity!

The last days in Greece various of incidents concerning sexual attacks and harrasments are getting public.

From the femicide of Karolain to the outing about the owner of „Kaldi“ cafe in Exarhia patriarchical violence consists an everyday problem.

Patriarchical oppresion is present in every sector of our life. From work to home, from assemblies to actions we are facing attacks.

And that’s why we should stand next to each other, collectivizing out experiences, showing care, solidarity and offensiveness.

We are fighting together, ignoring their borders, until the end of patriarchhy, racism and capitalism. Until the sexual violence stops, until every voice who receives patriarchical violence is heard.

We are fighting together against every power relation and every mechanism which wants us oppressed and alone.


flinta people from Rigaer94