Køpi kundgebung for Meuterei 25.03 6am

Chaos in Kreuzberg!

In less than 24 hours, Meuterei will be evicted!

How many more spaces must we lose?

One after another, after another, the life of this city is being bled for profits. Gentrification marches through every neighborhood, destroying everything in it’s path, with the fucking pigs as loyal foot soldiers.

In a neighborhood well known for resistance and solidarity it is unforgivable that a beacon of Kreuzberg will be lost tomorrow.

We have fought against this constant onslaught of evictions & threats more & more in the last year, it’s no surprise heartless monsters hell-bent on capitalism use a global pandemic to their advantage. Already so many of us have been pushed to the very end of our limits. We no longer recognize this city as the place we helped create, no longer a place for us. Kreuzberg is being taken over by the same yuppie assholes that have taken over cities like London, Seattle and other places across the world.

This insidious take over must stop! If our spaces are taken, if the city no longer accepts us, then the city deserves to burn!

An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us!

Every eviction has it’s price, let’s make them pay.

In solidarity with Meuterei.

-Kopi Bleibt Risikokapital.