Call for the gathering in front of Maria B’s house on the 24th of January

“If we can’t be violent, it’s not our revolution” Manada de lobxs

Almost a year ago, on 24/01/2020, Maria B. was murdered by the cops of the 51st precinct in Friedrichshain. With all their power her murderers considered her as a “dangerous threat” and decided to end her life – inside her private space. For once again, the state achieved to make a show of a “gender-oriented” repression and put one more femicide in its murderous agenda which it claims for and does not take any responsibility for it.

Instead, the state and it’s servants, the ones who choose on a daily basis, who lives and who dies, presented and defended their action as a „self-defense“ within hours after Maria’s death – alleging that she was holding a knife and therefore being a “dangerous threat” to the cops who entered her flat. For once again a woman had been called a “threat” to a patriarchal, conservative and male-dominant attack, to a continual silencing power of dominant male structures in this society. A “threat” against a squadron of armed male robocops who had the power to enter her personal space and shoot her to death.

We do not expect justice from this murderous system. When they find themselves in front of you, their only excuse is that they are doing their job. But their job is to protect those who plunder us and our freedom. Their job is to perpetuate fear and defend those in power and with the help of the judges, those who resist are imprisoned. Otherwise, they will sit on your neck until you cannot breathe, as their goals are to serve orders from above and fullfill their political motives.

The state media play an important role in the repression that affects primarily FLINTA*, POC individuals and other oppressed communities. In the case of Maria B. they make their position and hand-in-hand cooperation with the state once again more clear and visible. They never hesitated to defend and protect those from above and those in power. That is why, hours after her murder, the media-storm started, approaching and commenting on her physical appearance and mental state, presenting and talking about her like they knew her from before. By supporting this profiling of the so called “dangerous threat” they defend, protect the state’s deadly actions and prevent a not so unlikely antagonistic reaction within the society. Journalists and the state’s media are a guild and they reproduce the dominant ideology, they finaly relay their stories, they conceal facts, they are informed by the cops and finely listen and work with a payment of services to their bosses. They grow, maintain and keep the silence.

Every free voice can just come from us, autonomously, without any exception! Everyone who is or was oppressed by this suffocated society and its murderous system, knows or knew themselves better than any cop action or report, media article or profiling that got written.

At the peak of the pandemic, the number of femicides and incidents of domestic and cop violence increased even more and this should not be kept silent.Speaking about the latter: with the constant states of emergency imposed on us in the last years, as we experience in the dangerzones all over Berlin, for example in the exact precinct 51, or in whole countries like France, the poltiical motivations of the cops increase more and more to a level ofobssesion. This can be understood literally, regarding the killing-spree that took place around the time of the death of maria, when there were several so called „accidents“ where cops were chasing ruthlessly in their cars through the city, causing the death of random people. It is very visible how their power grows more and more as the time passes. As it grows, they take more and more advantage of their position in the structure of the system. With their increasing power and privileges, death and violence against the oppressed and all the marginilised people spreads. It is not a secret that a lot of deaths where based on racial profiling and misogynists motives.

Their mental condition of feeling untouchable is our practical experience and after the murder of Maria there were many conversations in Friedrichshain sharing the same thoughts. The states doctrine and the psychology of the cops have become totally equalized. The ultimate concequence for people who are not accepting the authority is, after a quick escalation of the means, death. The escalation is taking place conciously and starts on the level of politics, as we could see when for the raid of our house in 2018 special-forces with fully automatic assault rifles were the spearhead. Another indication of escalating police violence is the recently published number of shots fired by police in 2020. While in 2019 still 73 rounds were fired, the last year saw 127.

The state of emergency that accompanies the current health crisis adds even more drive to the arrogance of the binbags in uniforms held by those in power. Hundreds of people collectively answering the repressive forces in public spaces as well as initiatives from below popping up with a new seriousness to organize the counter-attack are for us the latest sparks of resistance that we want to be part od(/fight for). Being involved in the local struggle against the state and the 51st precinct we call for taking collective responsability in a joint memory of Maria B. Not to demand justice but to fight for the abolition of the state and its institutions and to spread the vision of a society free from capitalism and authority.

Never forget, never forgive!

+++ Kundgebung gegen Polizeigewalt und Polizeimorde | Gedenken an Maria, ermordet von Berliner Polizisten +++

24.01.2021 – 15:00 Uhr | Grünberger Straße 46 – Friedrichshain