Call: December 6. Winter

Disobedience knows no „time to act,“ it lives in moments when individuals grasp at a greater freedom. A freedom defined by the struggle to gain time and space beyond societal constraints. A reaction to the present order, against passive society and in furtherance of our individual desire. Nothing more, nothing less. These days too little is said about disobedience.

Disobedience is always personal and often spontaneous, even if accomplished collectively. Disobedience is at it’s heart an anarchist action existing to attack, never support the current order. We would expect disobedience and its celebration to rise with the suppression of the individual and in this moment, it has.

What of this unprecedented suppression? In a frenzy the adherents of society and their masters turn to dystopic authoritarianism backed by loyal reactionary national soldiers, the police. They call itprogress!

In the course of human history, progress is a story of false starts, dead ends and ideas having lived their purpose. At its worst progress is a course which leads humanity toward extinction.

The emergence of the Industrial Revolution was born from war against free time and open space, capitalism. At its core the prevailing situation has always been anti-human, kept afloat from rapid and now diminishing gains.

With those gains now gone, the human race is left with disaster.We do not want to focus on tangents of conceivable futures. We are well aware of the significant moment we find ourselves in. With that much said consider that capitalism was always bound to devolve into the same war it started. The war which our disobedience places itself, a battle for our time and space to live free.

In times of extreme authoritarianism disobedience has infinite worth as its ability to further our desire expands. We desire disobedience.

For freedom, humanity and an insidious desire to end the current order.

Let every act of repression visited upon us bloom infinite vicious resistance.

Looking toward a winter of anarchy.


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