Anarchist approach to imperialism – discussion and meze

You are invited to the anarchist dinner.
We invite all our friends and comrades to the anarchist dinner. In addition to the usual delicious Mediterranean-style mezes, cold drinks, good music and nice conversations, we decided to add a proposal for discussion and exchange of ideas to our event this month. We thought that self-learning and discussion about the approaches of anarchists in history to imperialism, anti-colonialism and national liberation struggles should take place at our table. Some authors and even some well-known names such as Alfredo M. Bonanno, Jean Weir, Lucien van der Walt, Mikhail Bakunin and Rudolf Rocker have promised to participate in our event where we intend to talk about the relations of some anarchist movement from colonial and post-colonial eras with anti-colonial movements in colonized or semi-colonized countries and their effects on them.

The texts we have already taken a look at can be found here:

Food will be ready around 19:30. We propose to have the discussion after the common meal.

20.11.2023 | 19:30 | NewYorck/Bethanien in Kreuzberg


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