Athens, 21 october, riot in defence of squats

Saturday evening at the gate of Zografou University in Athens, an attack was launched against MAT forces. According to the flyers, it was an answer to the recent evictions of squats: Evangelismos in Creta, Ano Kato in Patissia (Athens), Zizania in Victoria (Athens) and the anarchist steki of the Zografou University. Zizania was reoccupied meanwhile, also the Steki but evicted again.

The text of video reads:
„Video documentary of the violent clashes with riot police outside the University Campus in Ilisia, on Saturday night, October 21, 2023. From the flyers found at the site and the slogans that were heard, it can be deduced that the clashes with the riot police, from the Attica Police Operations Directorate, which is located in a very close distance, were in response to the recent evacuations of squats (Occupation Evangelismos, Zizania, Ano Kato, Polytechnic Building).“

passiert am 21.10.2023