If they colonize the land, keep your mind free.. free Palestine!

We have been banned from the streets, the German State has been telling us, thus continuing to join Israel in colonizing the land of Palestine from the river to the sea. Palestinian flags and Kuffiyas, were snatched from our hands both in Jerusalem and Berlin. The German state is trying to make it clear for the people, that the public space belongs to the ruling elite, and that we are not allowed to manifest and free the air of their filthy greed.

The street is and will always be ours, as much as it is the wind’s, as much as it is open for the moonshine, we will not believe that it is up for governments and elites that only see us as a profit-producing machines so our lands, knowledge and ancient philosophies.

We know the truth and reach as waves to the conscious of our people everywhere!

From “I do Not Renounce Madness”
-Ahmad Dahbour

We walk on rubble, and weep like this, in public,
laugh, like this, in public, and make fun of the word “Why”
No, we shan’t return to our childhood
From here, the new begins, and childhood shall return to
Laila’s womb, be born in the camp, and the camp shall grow
and grow, then it will run
in the direction of the water spring
and engender a world

And I shall have time to write a different poem.

— إذا احتلّوا الأرض، خلّي عقلك حرّ —
— تسقط أوسلو # —

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